Meet the gang...

Rex plays guitar and looks annoyed


Rex is one of the Co-hosts for the Run Amok podcast. On top of that, he is the Worship Pastor at RockRidge Church as well as a full time funeral assistant. He is married to his wonderful wife, Amanda, and has a three-year old daughter, Ariah. His hobbies include: playing music, writing, reading, drawing, and, most recently... podcasting!

Chuck amongst the autumn leaves


Chuck is also a co-host for the ‘cast. He pastors RockRidge Church, where Rex and Nate attend. They graciously put up with his lengthy sermons every Sunday. He will probably never be as cool as his wife, Kori. While pastoring is his calling, his dream job was to be President (he might still run in 2028 -- stay tuned!). He is a junkie for politics, economics and ethics, things that no one else cares about. He also trains in professional wrestling, another life-long passion. We’ll let you know when he finally gets his first match! 

Nate and Keira making eyebrows


Nate is the producer behind the Run Amok podcast. He blogs at, and enjoys writing, although not as much as Rex. An avid tech geek, he spends far too much time tinkering with gadgets and computers, but his true love is his dog, a husky named Keira. He was recently roped into singing on the RockRidge worship team and being on the sound-tech team.