Episode 5: Jobs

Even though we wish everyone a happy Veteran's Day in this episode, we realize it was released a week AFTER said holiday. If we were professionals, we'd have planned ahead and done said holiday wishes on the prior episode recording, but hey, you get what you pay for. Enjoy!


The guys have a run-in with an overly friendly gym-goer who tries to get Chuck to fake-attack him so he can demonstrate his sweet karate moves.

First Jobs

Rex worked in the media department at a local Best Buy. Which was probably not a great choice for a card-carrying introvert. But it did fit his hobbies and interests. He wanted to move up to the computer department where they made commission.

Chuck was a sports-writer for a local rag called the Valley News. He covered local high school games, football and baseball and such. He had some game with the ladies, being "a writer" at such a young age, as opposed to a street-side sign-spinner or a Best Buy employee. Unfortunately, he put too much storytelling into his sports-writing, instead of just relaying the facts and stats.

Speaking of making up stories, Chuck also wrote a World of Warcraft review for a small gaming website after playing the game for literally 2 hours on someone else's account, in an internet cafe.

Other Journeys

On his next career move, Rex worked for his step dad at a warehouse facility, working his way up from a box-boy to the shipping manager. Here, he got a chance to learn about himself, form a bond with his boss, and play elaborate pranks on his UPS driver. He also filmed his stunningly horrible amateur home-movie here.

Of course, as we know, Chuck enlisted in the army. Here, he found a very special and long-lasting mentee-mentor relationship with his sergeant, who helped shape him into the man he became. As part of a somewhat unique educational program, he learned a TON about photography, thanks to the expertise surrounding him.

So after his deployment ended, Chuck invested in some equipment and actually formed his own photography business, "Mister Photographer". Unfortunately, when the prices of semi-pro DSLR cameras dropped phenomenally in the early 2010's, the market became insanely saturated with fly-by-night photography start-ups run by your average middle-class suburban housewives.

We're on the Radio!

Chuck next found himself involved in radio. From Temecula 80s-90s pop, to a Redlands hard rock station, to big-corporate micro-managed ad-soaked stations. Until finally, God sort of spoke to him during one of his late-night drives home, and he realized that his radio days were over. And so, he became the junior pastor at Rockridge!

So What?

We, as God's people, are SENT into our workplace, to do His work. Yeah, we're there to get paid, to contribute and to build (products, relationships, whatever it is), but we're also there to serve Him. When you go to your job, you carry with you the light of Christ, and you should try to reflect that in the way you conduct yourself -- professionally and personally.

Yes, you have to abide by HR rules, and yes, you need to be cautious and tactful. It's a difficult balance. And it's difficult sometimes to know when or how you're called or sent. Sometimes the job feels like a grind, and like you're not really making any positive difference. But we encourage you, keep looking for those small opportunities to be a light, to share a word of blessing or a hand-shake of congratulations or a sympathetic ear. You will find them.

One More Thing

Chuck also worked briefly at a health & human services facility that was supposed to serve Native American youth in need of drug & alcohol recovery help. While he worked there, it didn't get a chance to fully open, so he basically used it to do seminary homework and minister to his coworkers (who also had nothing to do, because the facility was still pending opening). Just recently, he came to find out, by running into a coworker from that time, that the facility DID open, and it's been serving its purpose wonderfully and helping those kids that need it. Praise God!

And finally, please join us at Rockridge Church as we open our new building very soon!

In today’s episode, we apologize for offending the following:

Best Buy, The Bangles, warehouse workers, manual laborers, radio stations, body painters, stay-at-home moms, amateur wedding photographers, Native Americans, Trivial Pursuit, the Temecula Bugle, Cheat Code Central, World of Warcraft, real journalists, sports writers, and UPS driver Gary.

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