Favorite Movie Throw-down!

On Episode 3 we talked all about movies (and TV shows too) -- our favorites, what makes them great, why we enjoy what we do, different perspectives, and even some mini-critiques of movies that we found flaws with. We end the episode with a rumination on how Christians are to treat and interact with mainstream art and media, and a word of caution against the "cloistering" effect that we see in some areas where religious media creators, in an effort to make "Christian art", often fail to reach the very people God has called them to reach, and instead end up "preaching to the choir" in an echo-chamber of like-minded closed-off-from-the-world audience members.

But to continue that discussion on the more light-hearted side of things, we ask you, our audience, to throw down your top movie picks, and in a few words, tell us why you love them.

Enjoy, be kind, do good, and God bless!

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