Season 2: Amid COVID

For those of you who heard and/or saw the latest episode, S02E05, "We Made It", we realize it may sound a bit strange hearing Chuck say "quarantine's over folks!", when in fact it has just be re-instated in most states. "Quarantine Part 2: Electric Boogaloo" is upon us. Now if you've listened to any podcasts before us, you know that these things are generally recorded ahead of time, so when he said that at the time of recording, it was indeed true.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some happenings with our faithful audience and some words of encouragement during this time, and of course, provide a brief review of Episode 5.

What have we been up to?

Reading, it seems, is a common thread among us. Rex's choice is a fantasy series called The Outstretched Shadow, while Chuck settles into his usual theology-ehtics-history sandwich. Nate talks up Stephen King's work on how to be a better writer.

The one local gym that's sort of bucked the rules a bit, garnered Chuck's attention, but sadly the rest of us have not drank that kool-ade. Nate stays active by running with his dog, who you've no doubt seen pictures of many times, but who struggles to keep up with his pace, despite being a Husky bred for RUNNING and pulling a sled. (Albeit in a much cooler environment than suburban SoCal summer.)

But the biggest news for our hosts are two major life events, which they share on this episode in some detail: Rex and his family are working on becoming foster-to-adopt parents, and Chuck is now the lead pastor of Rockridge Church! Very exciting times -- prayers for both.

Staying Positive

Now, on a more somber note, the world around us seems to continue becoming more divided, more desperate, and more deplorable than ever. I've even seen some Christians talk as if this were the end-times, the Revelation days. Perhaps a future episode will see that discussed further. But for now, let's try to convince ourselves that it's not that (or if it is, our behavior shouldn't be any less Christ-like). Instead, let us focus on loving our neighbor, on caring for the poor, the widow and the orphan. On being a beacon of God's great Love for His people in our communities. Those with means, reach out and help. Those with needs, reach out and ask.

And respect your community's guidelines and your local businesses' rules and service parameters. Don't put any individual worker or employee or friend or neighbor at-risk or under-fire because you don't agree with them or the policies set above them. Be kind, humble, and gracious.

In This Episode

We'd like to apologize for offending any of the following: unfit parents, twins Carly and Tito, Metroflex Gym, Ellen (Elon) Musk, C. S. Lewis, Stephen King, Nate's slacking dog, D&D, Dutch, Wizard of Oz, Dark Side of the Moon, monkeys, water diviners, smudge sticks, Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd, and the (real) inventors of the Internet.

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