Season 2 Site Launch

Greetings faithful readers! We've worked hard on a brand new website, and we hope you like it as much as we do. Orange, while a bold color, is not everyone's cup of tea. And since our resident Chuck is such an uber-patriot, we decided to humor him and go with lots of blue and a hint of red, and of course, plenty of white(ish).

We've also officially launched a YouTube companion channel, where you can watch our recording session videos, and make fun of how goofy our hair looks, or ogle at Rex's guitar collection. Because we did Season 1 videos via Facebook Live and without a dedicated mic-feed, the audio quality is quite bad, so we will NOT likely be uploading those to YouTube. (But, if you're a super-duper fan and want to see them anyway, send us a note, and maybe we'll change our minds!)

Now, you may be wondering, where are the blog posts from Season 1?? Fear not! While Wix is sorely lacking in the feature department of blog content import & export tools, we're paying our intern Dutch several pennies per hour to manually copy and paste those ol' blog posts into the new site. So bear with us! He works hard, but he's only one man. A pumped, swol beast of a man, but a man nonetheless.

We also realize that, in March 2020, these are very uncertain and anxiety-inducing times, and we extend our prayers to all those who are affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. God be with you and yours.

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