Seasons! (Yeah it's a thing)

Announcement time. We have decided, due to scheduling and life events, that we will then this podcast into a “seasonal” one. Meaning, much like your favorite TV show, we will start with season 1 — episodes 1-12 — take a short break, then start season 2, and so on. This will allow us to focus on other tasks and priorities, such as family time, personal pursuits/hobbies, and of course, social promotion of our podcast!

So what will we be up to? Well, both Rex and Nate are writing. Rex has a book he’s been working on — fantasy adventure with a touch of mystery, if you’re curious. Nate promised he’d help Rex with proofing and editing. Then of course Nate has his technical and personal blogs.

Chuck, being the most fitness-conscious one of the group, had been adamant about going to the gym— often dragging at least one of us with him. The “New Years resolution crowd” hasn't been as horrible as we thought. He also is scheduled to attend pro-wrestling training classes at a local wrestling facility, which should be entertaining.

Now let’s turn the tables a bit. What can you, as our loyal audience, do? Simple: spread the word! Tell people about the podcast. Tell them how to find it —, social handle @RARCpodcast. Tell them what the heck a podcast even IS, if they’ve been living under a proverbial rock. I’m constantly surprised by how many people don’t really understand what a podcast is or how to subscribe to one. Now if that’s you, don’t be offended! Just ask somebody, even me, and they/I will be happy to explain it.

Finally, because you’re awesome fans, we know we can ask one more favor from you. And that is: leave us a REVIEW in your favorite podcast app!! Things like Apple Podcasts (The artist formerly known as iTunes), Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. Reviews are absolutely one of the biggest boosters to visibility and to growing our audience. So please, take just a moment out of your busy day and leave us a rating and a little note, and put a big ol’ smile on our faces.

Thank you and God bless!

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